Tokyo Rider House


Address: 2-48-10 Sekibara Adachi-ku Tokyo

By Airplane (from Airport)

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from Narita Airport

Fare: 1,370JPY (one way)

Time Route Fare
  Narita Airport

Narita Sky Access Express 1,130 JPY

Tobu Skytree line 240 JPY

from Narita Airport

Fare: 1,370JPY (one way)

Time Route Fare
  Haneda Airport

Tokyo Monorail 470 JPY

JR Keihin Tohoku line 210 JPY

JR Joban line  

Tobu Skytree line 160 JPY

By train

Take JR Joban line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line, or Tokyo Metro Hibiya line to Kitasenju. Then take Tobu skytree line to Nishiarai station from Kitasenju. Some of the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line train merge to Tobu skytree line so you don't have to change the train at Kitasenju station.
Access Map to Tama

By train -> bus

There is Tobu bus running between Kitasenju station and Nishiarai Daishi station via Nishiarai station. Get on the bus 'North-02', 'North-03', 'North-04'. Get off at 'Motoki Nichome'. Our guesthouse is right in front of the bus stop.
Bus map in Adachi

By car, motorcycle, or bicycle

If you are coming by using Metropolitan Central Circular Route (tollway) towards Kohoku JCT, get off at Ohgi Ohashi exit. Drive under the toll way until you hit the intersection of Nishiarai Kitazume, turn left. Drive the road (Prefectural route 461) for about 1km and our guesthouse is on your right.
If you are driving towards Kohoku JCT on Metropolitan Central Circular Route (tollway), get off at 'Senjushinbashi'. Drive under the tollway for a while until you hit the intersection of Otakebashidori. Turn right at the intersection. It will merge into 'Otakebashidori'.
If you are coming by bicycle from downtown Tokyo, cycle north along the Otakebashidori. It is about 1km after you cross the bridge over Arakawa river.

On foot

Walk about 50km everyday until you arrive.