Tokyo Rider House


Free PCQ. Do you have Wi-Fi access in your guesthouse?
A. Yes, we do. Please bring your own laptop to use Wi-Fi.
washersQ. Do you have laundry?
A. Yes. We have washers and a dryer for you to use. It costs 100yen each time.
KitchenQ. Is there a kitchen?
A. Yes, you can. There is a huge kitchen and basic cookware. You just need to buy food to cook.
Female only dormitory roomQ. Is there a female only dormitory room?
A. Yes, there is. If you don't want to share a dorm room with male guest, you can stay in the female dorm room.
shopping streetQ. Is there a super market or any other store?
A. Yes, there is a shopping street. There are cheap vegitable shop, drug store, and so on.
Q. Is it safe around the guesthouse?
A. Yes, it is quite safe. Our guesthouse is located on a main street. It is also close to a residence area.
Living roomQ. Is there a study area?
A. There are 2 living room. One with TV and the other without TV. The one without TV is quiet so if you can study, unless you are fussy...
Q. How is transportation?
A. From Nishiarai station, the closest one from the guesthouse, it is connected to Tokyo Metro Hibiya line and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line directly. Quite convenient than you think.
Q. Is there a bath/shower?
A. Yes, there is a shower unit. There are a couple of public baths near by so if you want to soak in a hot bath tub, we recommend that you go there.
parking space for bicycleQ. Is there a parking space for my bicycle?
A. Since we welcome riders and cyclists, you can park your bike or motorcycle for free.
Q. Can I park a car?
A. Yes, you can. It is free if you want to park only for a couple of days. If you want to park for a whole month, it is 18,000yen per month.
Q. Is it okay to leave in the middle of the contract?
A. Yes. We can't refund the money if you stayed less than a month. It is the same as apartment contract.
Q. Do I get any discount if I want to rent 2 beds?
A. Yes, you do. If you want to rent 2 bed spaces, the rent will be 1.5 times as much.