Tokyo Rider House

rent is 21,000yen and up
Rent starts from 24,000yen!

Now we are offering special price, as it is still under construction,
24,000yen for the first 30 days!!!
Quite reasonable, isn't it?

  1st month 2nd month and after
4 bed dorm
with AC
21,000yen 27,000yen
Mix Dormitory
without AC
18,000yen 21,000yen
Tent (bring your own)
on the balcony
12,000yen 15,000yen

**Double unit is for one person.

Photos of the guesthouse and facilities

Tokyo Rider House
Repairing the wall of Tokyo Rider House
TokyoRiderHouse Remarkable pink wall
Remarkable pink wall is the landmark of the area!!
TokyoRiderHouse Kitchen conbined with the living room
Kitchen with two sinks and big couter top.
TokyoRiderHouse living room
Living room with big windows.
TokyoRiderHouse Smaller living room
There is a small living room with a lot of books...
TokyoRiderHouse Smaller living room
and PC.
TokyoRiderHouse Bed in dormitory
This is a bed in a bigger dorm room.
TokyoRiderHouse Bed in smaller dormitory
This is a bed in a smaller dorm room.
TokyoRiderHouse Laundry
Washer is on the rooftop. 100 yen. You can hang your clothes on the rooftop right after washing them.
TokyoRiderHouse Clothes hanging pole
Clothes hanging poles on the rooftop. Plenty of sunshine dries your clothes!
TokyoRiderHouse staircases and messege board
Messege board at the staircases. You can check out information here
TokyoRiderHouse Staff
Motorcycles and bicycles are welcoming the guests
Tokyo Rider House bus stop
Tokyo Rider House is right by a bus stop 'Motoki 2 chome'
Small shrine at Tokyo Rider House
A small shrine in the property. It is guarding our guests and staffs.